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since 2004 offers you low-priced template plans for the construction of prototypical RC model aircraft from Depron. The templates of all components only have to be transferred to the building material Depron and cut out. All model aircraft have a remarkably low take-off weight and a very low wing load due to the building material. This achieves a low airspeed and thus an original aerial view. All components are labeled and therefore no additional construction plan is necessary. Convince yourself of the simple construction method based on the building instructions, here in the shop. The models are kept as simple as possible without deviating too far from the original. There is enough "scope" to build the models according to your own wishes.

The CNC Depron parts kits allow you to build your RC model faster instead of the template plans. The original "Depron" components are now accurately cut using a CNC machine. Positions of all adjacent components were also marked CNC and labeled. In this way it can be ensured that all adjacent components can be glued on without any problems. All parts kits are produced by hand on site, mostly order-related.

The type of labeling of the templates and the Depron Parts deleted a classic plan as an overview. The structure is simple and logical.

The wood milled parts needed to build the models can be ordered as an option to the Depron parts kits. This will simplify the construction of your model.

All products are offered without VAT, because of the small business regulation §19 sales tax law.




delivery to USA:

DHL send Kits to USA only with additional "Premium" shipping costs.

costs are in the moment by 52 € !

i hope next time, shipping costs goes down again.



NEW: Fatty Squadron are now available.

More Fattys are comming soon.



comming soon:

- Ju 87 Stuka

- Spitfire

and more...